Craig Blacklock grew up in the small rural town of Verdigris Oklahoma. Raised in the country and going to a rule school however the community was a higher economical community.  This was not the case for Craig's family.
From a young age Craig began defending - himself & his sister against bullies & the things that come along with being set apart financially.
From that point on it set Craig on the path of defending others & eventually into martial arts & fighting.
Craig has dedicated a lifetime to protecting & defending others.

Law enforcement from 2000-2006
Developed top robbery preparedness training program for financial institutions & pharmacies.
1st Robbery Solutions
Has done private sector security, body guarding & civilian operational on many levels.
Developed a program For churches to help make them more secure through his security & consulting co.
Protective Stance
Is a part of a fugitive recovery team & has trained high end military, law enforcement , world champions in fighting & Jiu Jitsu .

He is currently training & teaching in Tulsa Oklahoma at his gym WCF / World Class Fitness & Fighting.  

Where he teaches a top quality kids program , women's programs , men & fighters . 


What sets Craigs training apart from most everyone in the industry is his 

Diversity in training:

Black Belt: NINJUTSU

Instructor level/ KRU


Black Belt: Judo

Black Belt: Jiu Jitsu

Is considered an expert in Security tactics, self defense &

Civilian tactics .


HE HAS USED for 25 years & still USES WHAT HE TEACHES on the streets !

"There are many good instructors; but not everything taught or those teaching have used it in real life combative , being attacked - Self defense situations. 

Not everything used in the gym or even competitions works in real life self defense / critical incident situations !"  

Craig has competed In many areas & has been in 100's of self defense / fights through working in law enforcement and in the private sector. 


If you want to get in shape, learn self defense , anti bullying for kids , train, or train to compete coach Blacklock has set up WCF to serve your needs. He even has a patent pending on strength training.